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Convert your Flash video files (FLV) into 3GP or 3GP2 videos for free
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FLV to 3GP Converter is a lightweight utility to convert your Flash Video files (FLV) into 3GP or 3GP2 videos for free. It supports batch conversion, allowing you to convert many FLV files at once. It is designed to reach fast conversion speeds, as it can exploit your processor’s multi-threading and 64-bit capabilities.

Even though the program's user interface was designed to be friendly and includes six interchangeable skins, it may be a bit boring for many people, and its visual design could be easily improved. Basically, it allows you to add one or more source FLV files to create a conversion list. When it is ready, you can choose your desired output profile between 3GP and 3GP2. You may change the default output directory, and use the start and stop buttons to control the conversion process.

But the program also includes an "Advanced Option" section. There you can set some parameters related to the output profile, such as the video quality, its size and frame rate, and the audio quality, together with its sampling rate and the number of channels. However, all these parameters come as lists of plain values, without any unit specification. For example, for the "video quality" parameter, you can choose a value from a list that includes 40, 80, 120, 200, 256, and 512. The expert user will easily deduce that the unit is "Kbps", but that will certainly be unimaginable for the inexperienced user. In addition, “1” is the only available value for the audio parameter called “number of channels”, which means that your resulting videos will never have a stereo sound. These drawbacks make me point out that there are several better and still free alternatives around.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Lightweight
  • Supports batch conversion
  • Designed to exploit all your processor's capabilities
  • Allows you to set the output profile parameters


  • Poor visual design
  • Does not include the units for the configuration of the output profile parameters, making it hard to use
  • Converted video files are mono
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